Under $50 Pink Camo T-Shirt Dress




If y’all haven’t already noticed, camo is popping up everywhere and is trending for fall. In the past, I have shied away from camo, not going to lie. I was never a huge fan of it. But it has really started to grow on me. I always try to remain open minded when it comes to what I wear. I love to try new things, and I guess you could say wearing camo is one of them haha. I have started to see so many camo pieces I’m loving! This t-shirt dress is definitely one of them. Naturally my first camo piece had to have pink in it! I was SO excited to see that this one was just marked down to $32. I thought it was a great buy even when it wasn’t on sale. But now it’s an amazing buy! It also comes in two other camo prints and comes in both regular and petite sizes.


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